About SAB

On September 1st, 2009, The Nederland Board of Trustees created the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) with Resolution 2009-10. The SAB is an appointed board that advises the Board of Trustees to effectuate improvements to Town codes, operations and facilities on matters regarding sustainable practices, resource conservation, renewable energy, waste reduction, public outreach and education. SAB members serve for three-year terms. Click here for the Town's official SAB webpage.

As part of its education and outreach mission, this NedSustainable website was created as a clearing-house of all things sustainable for the Greater Nederland Area. Here you will find information about upcoming discussions or newsletters from the Sustainability Advisory Board, as well as other organizations in the Nederland area related to sustainability. You also may see blog posts of sustainable interest from our local contributors.

To receive updates, you can friend, follow, connect, like, or subscribe with your preferred social media outlet using the icons at the top-right of this page. Our goal is to maintain a lively discussion, so feel free to leave comments related to sustainability in Nederland.

Relation to Envision 2020:

Coincidence or Conspiracy?
Developed by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure
whom also have trademarked the 'Envision' Rating System.
(well after Nederland developed Envision 2020)

When our community embarked on developing our Envision 2020 statements, the main theme of sustainability naturally emerged. As you can see in the venn diagram, it is no longer "enough" to meet one or two elements of sustainability. We have to explore ways to work all three into our planning.

The mayor describes here, how our Public Works Department is working with the ISI Envision Rating System to improve the sustainability of our infrastructure.
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