Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What?!? You can recycle Toothpaste Tubes? Granola Bar Wrappers? Deodorant? Baby Food Pouches?

Location: 1651 Broadway Street, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

I bet you've been throwing these in the trash!  

tooth brushes ... toothpaste tubes ... deodorant tubes ... suntan lotion tubes ... lotion pumps ... soap pumps ...  foil-lined granola bar wrappers ... baby food pouches

You cannot put these common household items in your comingled recycling bin, which makes them hard to recycle.  

you can bring all of the above  items to Alafala's on Broadway/Arapahoe in Boulder! 

In addition, you can bring #5 flat lids from yogurt / margarine / sour cream / cottage cheese to Whole Foods in Boulder.  The reason we are asked not to put flat plastic lids in our comingled recycling bins is because they get confused as paper by the mechanized sorting equipment.  Many of us with recycling obsessions cannot bear to landfill lids while recycling the round tubs they were connected to. Whole Foods gives us a place to bring the lids, and subsequent peace-of-mind.

What happens to these hard-to-recycle items?

These participating grocery stores send the items to TerraCycle, who recycles them into new products.  For example:  Toothbrushes, tubes, pumps and lids are recycled into new toothbrushes.  Baby food pouches and foil-lined wrappers are upcycled into aluminum products.  In fact, Terra-Cycle recycles a bunch more hard-to-recycle common household products, including cigarette butts, cheese packaging, 3-ring binders, pens, markers, and more!.  Any person or  entity that is willing to take up collection should consult the TerraCycle web page at:    https://www.terracycle.com

Achieving Zero-Waste is possible.  Start eliminating waste today.

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